Sports Slogans – Letting the World See How You Feel

The world of sports has long been one of the most colorful with hundreds of different quotes coming from coaches, fans and the players themselves as they give television and newspaper interviews. In many cases the quotes have been turned into inspirational slogans that have gone on to be used by many amateur teams as they power their way through to their own victories. For some reason the sport of basketball seems to be one that generates a very large number of these sayings.

Basketball, like any sport depends on teamwork to win games, good slogans can be used to drive home a point or as a chant in the stands as the teams fan cheer them on. Whether they come from quotes that are used time and again or were created just for the team, the idea behind a good slogan is to unify the team and urge them to do better. It will give them a sense of pride in themselves and their team that nothing else can come close to.

A team’s slogan is not always designed for them; in many cases you will find that they are designed specifically to intimidate their rivals. Some of the better ones in this category include “Your loss is my game” and “Our blood, Our sweat and Your tears.” In the end it really does not matter what the slogans being used have to say in basketball or any other sport, it is that every member of the team is wearing the same one that creates unity. It is this unity that wins games.

Other than politicians, no one else in the world is quoted more frequently than professional athletes. You will find quotes from basketball players and those from other sports everywhere you look in the sporting world. For the most part the average quote is inspirational and very positive. In some cases such as this quote from legendary superstar Magic Johnson ” All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody to believe in them” has inspired thousands of kids who thought they had no future to become very successful athletes.

There are literally thousands of quotes that can be applied everyday life and you will find them displayed everywhere you go. Many people take these quotes and have them printed on t-shirts that they can wear to the games to show their support for a particular player. Others have them displayed with a picture of the quoted player in their home or office as a source of inspiration. Not all quotes are serious and this is the perfect one to leave you with from basketball great Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain “They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you that practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.”

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