The Sport of Volleyball

Misty May and Kerri Walsh are some of the best beach volleyball athletes to ever play the game, as they have defended championships and defeated some of the hardest working teams in the world of beach volleyball. Karch Kiraly is also one of the best and most popular beach volleyball players and commentators that the sport has seen. The Greek and American indoor volleyball teams were some of the best and most fierce competition that the Olympics had seen in standard indoor volleyball play. These teams and players inspire millions of people to play the great game of volleyball.

In the indoor game, there are six positions that players rotate through. It begins with the upper left corner of the court. This person is the left side blocker and spiker. Their job, when their team serves the ball, is to spike it on the other side for a point. When they are defending, they try to block the other team’s spike attempt. This is the case for the upper right side blocker and spiker as well. The upper middle player is the setter and blocker. Their job is to block spikes and set the ball in the correct position for either the left or right side spiker. If they set the ball correctly, their spiker will be able to score a point. If they do not set it correctly, the spiker may miss the ball all together, or spike it weakly, giving the other team the chance to score a point. The back row is the basis for defense when the ball is served. In the lower left corner is the player who digs the spikes on the left side.

The same is true for the player in the lower right corner, but this player is also the one who serves when it is the team’s turn to serve. The back middle player is the player whose job it is to cover anyone who needs help and dig any spikes aimed at the center of the court. If the setter in the front is incapable of play, this player can become their substitute and set the ball for the two spikers. When the team loses the point, the other team gets to serve, but they must rotate clockwise each time they get a new serve. This ensures that each player must play each position. There are teams who have players that specialize in certain areas of the game, like they are just a setter or just a spiker, but they must start at their intended rotated spot before they can move to their specialized position. To score a point in this game, the team that is serving must earn the point. They must serve the ball and spike it on the other team. If the other team blocks their serve and wins their spike, they rotate and they serve for the point.

In the beach volleyball game, there are only two players. They must both do all the jobs of the indoor players. They play in beach sand as well, which can make the play harder because of the difficulty in running in sand. The scoring system is a little different, though. Every serve scores a point. So, if the serving team wins their volley of spikes with the other team, they get the point and another serve. If they do not win the volley and the other team does, then the other team gets the point, and they get to serve.

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