Vintage Sports T-Shirts – 5 Examples of Great Looking Soccer T-Shirts

One of the most overlooked genre of vintage sports t-shirts are soccer t-shirts, known as football t-shirts in the UK. As this is World Cup year, I thought it only fair to try to raise the profile of these particular types of vintage sports t-shirts, by having a look at some of the designs that are out there.

The World Cup takes place in South Africa, in June 2010, and the USA stand a great chance of qualifying from Group C, which consists of England, Algeria and Slovenia.

Below are five of my favorite soccer t-shirts, any of which will be great to wear when cheering the guys on in the mouth-watering opening clash with England.

This patriotic shirt will definitely help get you in the mood for South Africa. This is one of those vintage sports t-shirts that has a distressed look, with both the words “United States” and the Stars and Stripes flag slightly faded and worn.

Although originally the phrase “soccer mom” was probably meant as a mildly derogative phrase to describe middle-class suburban woman, who would spend a great deal of their time taking the kids to different sporting events, these great looking soccer t-shirts turn the phrase on its head. These are vintage sports t-shirts for moms that just love their soccer.

If mom has got a shirt to wear then it is only fair for Dad to have one as well. This pale blue vintage sports t-shirt has a picture of a white and black leather football, with the words “Soccer Dad” written around the ball. Again these vintage sports t-shirts have a distressed look to give them a retro feel and will make the perfect Father’s Day gift, which happens to fall just three days before the USA’s final group match against Algeria.

This is a great looking soccer t-shirt that has a white and black leather soccer ball, which almost looks 3-d, as if you were controlling the ball on your chest. Underneath the ball is the phrase “No pain, no gain”.

These humorous soccer t-shirts are all about getting your priorities right, which means in this case that you consider soccer to be right up there with eating and sleeping. The tee shirt has “Life’s Priorities” written in a capitalized font above three blue and white signs representing eating, sleeping and soccer.

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