NFL Playoff Teams

NFL Teams making the playoffs post week 14:

Out of the NFC:

NY Giants – A lock, but watch out for a letdown in the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers – Sealed it up with a win versus Tampa Bay.

Minnesota Vikings – Beat up Chicago in week 13 to show they are the better team, rest of the schedule is ridiculous with three playoff caliber teams left, but I still see them going over Chicago, who has the easier schedule.

Arizona – Rest of the West is horrible, easily the worst division in football. Strange how the worst divisions in football are both western divisions. If Leinart develops, Arizona could dominate this division for a while.

Tampa Bay – Should get the wild card because they are too far ahead of the Bears. They can easily get to 11-5 with wins versus San Diego and Oakland.

NFC looks pretty straight forward, most of these teams should be a lock, Carolina and Tampa Bay could flip flop for the division champ and wild card.

Out of the AFC:

Tennessee – 12-1, best record in football, having a great season. Their defense will be dangerous in the playoffs.

Denver – Three games up on San Diego, but should be out first week of the playoffs. If they draft all defense the next 2 years and find some good veterans on D, may have a chance to put together a team to dominate the AFC West for a few years.

Pittsburgh – Made a statement against the Cowboys, and if they beat Baltimore for the second time this season, should be locked up.

New England – Too much experience on the roster with SB winning experience. I see the Jets falling off (Lost 2 straight). Miami is a nice story, but they too don’t have enough yet.

Indianapolis – Wild card with a ton of playoff experience that will find a way to get in for the playoffs. Even though they’ve had some tough injuries, it would be a huge upset for the Jets or Dolphins to get this spot over them.

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